with Roxanne Paz

Owner / Director of Education

 Thursdays | August 11 | 5-9pm

Downey Campus | 6 Week Course

Do you want to take your makeup skills to the next level & embark on an entrepreneurial path of the beauty industry? Have you dreamed of teaching classes in beauty but you're too nervous or don't know where to start? 

Come learn directly from Glow's Owner and Director of Education, Roxanne Paz. She has personally developed hundreds of WORKING Makeup Artists, and has helped develop multiple instructors that work for themselves and as instructors at Glow. Her structured outline of training will give artists the confidence to walk into a packed house & teach an impeccable class!


Train the Trainer


-Being the Expert- Confidence Coaching , Finding Your Teaching Style, Public Speaking + Proper Speaking Etiquette


-The Business of Makeup- Artistry + Learning Styles


-Connecting to Clients- Engagement + Communication


-The Art of Demonstration- In Depth Explanation 


-Mock Class (2 weeks)- Students teach a class and receive feedback from instructors and fellow students